Superboard competitiveness

Thanks to Julia in Langport, who sent this picture of her super board in Langport… A definite contender for superboard of the campaign!


Campaigning in Frome with Paddy Ashdown

On Friday, Paddy Ashdown came to Frome to campaign.

It was great to see so many supporters out in force in the constituency.

And the prize for the most inventive use of a superboard goes to…

Not a bad week

So, thank you Nick, from all the people with worn down shoes, fraying knuckles and sunburnt heads around the country who have suddenly found a new sense of excitement in the electorate over the last few days, and all down to ninety minutes of prime-time television exposure. Certainly my campaign office was overwhelmed with calls offering support and asking for posters, which can’t be a bad thing.

Of course we shouldn’t take the instant polls too seriously, although I will give a prize to the first TV or radio reporter to ask Gordon Brown “So, if it is a hung parliament, which party will you support?”. To be fair, that question ought to take up at least two thirds of any time available to him to set out his party’s policies.

Having said I don’t take the polls as being necessarily what will happen on polling day (and particularly after the other parties and parts of the press have spent a couple of weeks chuckiung everything at us), there is a slight feeling of a popular insurrection in the air. Perhaps the arrogant assumption by the Conservatives that it is now “their turn” again is about to be tested by an electorate which wants something different. If we are still in the upper twenties in the polls next week, then it’s possible that the election could really catch fire. Can’t wait!

The joy of baler-twine

One of the unsung essentials of rural life (at least here in Somerset) is baler-twine. Baler-twine is the universal fixative capable of effecting any short-term repair that proves to be beyond the scope of gaffer-tape. I had good reason to bless it yesterday when something funny happened to my hand-brake (which confusingly is a foot-pedal in my car) and as a result it went floppy and made the car repeatedly bleep at me. The answer? Good old baler-twine, effectively applied in West Pennard, kept me on the road. As we say in these parts, proper job!

When I referred to his on my facebook site it started a lively correspondence on the necessity and effectiveness of the said substance (somebody asked if it was called baler-twine because it “bails you out” of a sticky situation, which s a nice thought), and led one respondent to ask how anyone could possibly not vote for someone who is so clearly “one of us”. Well, if it needs an acquaintance with the merits of baler-twine to prove it, that’s fine. Of course, with the advent of big bales (and fewer farms) it’s getting harder to find. What will happen to Somerset then? We’ll just fall apart.

Somerset Wildlife Trust Hustings

Well, the first hustings meeting of the campaign (not counting Frome FM) and what do you know, the Conservative candidate decides not tro grace us with her presence, so the good people of the Somerset Wildlife Trust will never know what, if anything, she thinks about the environment.

Quite a good meeting, I thought, with intelligent and thoughtful questions. Predictable but still mildly shocking that half the candidates in attendance (the UKIP and the Independent anti-Europe ones, natch!) are full-blown climate change deniers. Hope at least some of what I said made sense!


Coming to a shop near you?

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. So imagine my surprise when yesterday I was met with a picture of a “David Heath Doll”. Ordinarily such dolls are reserved for the likes of Girls Aloud and the Sugababes, not people like me.

The picture came rather mysteriously, hand-posted at the Frome office and the sender soon scarpered before questions could be posed. A series of deductions took place and Twitter came up with the answer. It turns out that a company in Frome, called Fancy, had decided to make up the image off their own back.