The Frome Flyer hits town…

… although unlike my previous “such and such comes to” posts, he was not here to campaign! No, instead today Jenson Button (aka The Frome Flyer) received the Freedom of Frome (we’re the first town to take advantage of the new legislation). We decided to take a break from campaigning to go and see the fun outside the Cheese & Grain, although the useless PA system didn’t do Frome’s mayor Damon Hooton any favours by making him inaudible to anyone beyond the front few rows.

The event was emphatically apolitical (Jenson’s people insisted that he didn’t want any candidates gate-crashing the event, which made the fact that one candidate and her team insisted on wearing their blue rosettes rather unfortunate) and certainly wasn’t about the election. However, you can’t stop individual members of the public showing their preferences, and I was amused to see this chap had decided to decorate his mobility scooter.

And finally… it’s always flattering to be asked for your autograph, but this one was slightly different. Never before have I been asked to sign the back of a lemsip packet! Today, pharmaceuticals, tomorrow….?


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