Here, there and everywhere. Wednesday.

It was a very busy day yesterday. Taking a break from canvassing, I was joined by Paddy Ashdown and a host of journalists, Simon Carr from the Independent, The World at One from the beeb, French paper Le Figaro and Associated Press.

We started off at Standerwick Market, within moments of setting off a young woman on a trike pulled up to show her support and ask questions about education funding (she is a teacher in Bath). The trike was great, loaded with a sack of potatoes and her faithful dog…

We continued on to Tellisford Mill. Green energy is something that I feel particularly passionate about, and I am incredibly impressed with the work that Anthony Battersby and Rachel Fielden have put into restoring and revolutionising the Mill.

We finished the morning in Rode, which is one of the most picturesque villages in Somerton and Frome (with stiff competition!). You would hardly expect the chocolate factory that we encountered to be there. Needless to say we did not stick to schedule at this point, Paddy and I were keen to get stuck in. And yes as one Independent journalist said of the visit, the chocolate did taste all the more sweeter.

So here I am with some Lib Dem chocolate in Rode!


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