Climate Change Hustings

For me, the job of a parliamentarian is to represent the views of your constituents in parliament. The most effective way to do this is, in my view, to speak up in the House.

For people deciding how they are going to vote at this election hustings provide an opportunity to not only see if those standing share a similar view point, but also to see how they perform. Will they be able to hold their own in a debate? Can they think on their feet?

Last Tuesday four out of five of the candidates came to Caryford Hall in Ansford to talk about climate change – much to the annoyance of the attendees and organisers. It is a shame that not all the candidates attended, from personal experience I know that issues about the environment and climate change are issues that people in Somerton and Frome care deeply about. So why the candidate has chosen not to attend hustings about issues connected to the environment is beyond me.

Regardless, it was a lively debate and I enjoyed the opportunity to debate the issues. Given that two of the panel are climate change deniers, you can imagine the variety of views put across!


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