The joy of baler-twine

One of the unsung essentials of rural life (at least here in Somerset) is baler-twine. Baler-twine is the universal fixative capable of effecting any short-term repair that proves to be beyond the scope of gaffer-tape. I had good reason to bless it yesterday when something funny happened to my hand-brake (which confusingly is a foot-pedal in my car) and as a result it went floppy and made the car repeatedly bleep at me. The answer? Good old baler-twine, effectively applied in West Pennard, kept me on the road. As we say in these parts, proper job!

When I referred to his on my facebook site it started a lively correspondence on the necessity and effectiveness of the said substance (somebody asked if it was called baler-twine because it “bails you out” of a sticky situation, which s a nice thought), and led one respondent to ask how anyone could possibly not vote for someone who is so clearly “one of us”. Well, if it needs an acquaintance with the merits of baler-twine to prove it, that’s fine. Of course, with the advent of big bales (and fewer farms) it’s getting harder to find. What will happen to Somerset then? We’ll just fall apart.


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